Reload Page Content Using Jquery

    This snippet to reload a page content, using Jquery within interval time (in second). This is suitable to be applied on realtime data display.

    How to Install App on MI BOX 3 (MODEL MDZ-16-AB)

    Last week, we bought a MI BOX, android TV. This is android TV issued by Xiaomi, INC. Appereance on it very cool, smooth, and reliable. Especially, it has simple remote control with voice command. Unfortunately, seems it`s application is locked by vendor. WHEN try google play, it returned only video. You know, a paid video. […]

    Chemistry Books Collection (more than 1K books)

    I present to my blog reader a huge collection of chemistry book. The collection will be added in the future. I made this page simple, display ebook in simple format in a datatable: easy search without loading page, and view file in next page. If file is pdf, will be previewed and show download button, […]

    Correct Way TO Upload Image To Server

    This article show you how to upload image and store data to database safely. That mean, avoid intruder upload shell file to server. I Found, many site, that related to goverment site, has upload form that allow to upload php file. This is dangerous, hacker can upload shell file to break security. Basically, when upload […]

    Make Your Own Code Generator

    After long time using php on my daily job, i realize i need to¬† make my own code generator to do my own job. In my daily activities, I used to use php native compared to php framework. But the disadvantage is that I have to rewrite frequently used codes. Then I thought, why not […]

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